Luchana Logistica

YOUR NEED IS OUR SERVICE. Nowadays, LUCHANA offers two different services to its customers. On the one hand, the company offers a service of Maritime Transport to the Balearic and the Canary Islands, in which it is a leader. On the other hand, it offers an inland service in the Iberian Peninsula. Our company coordinates perfectly both services, getting a complete attention to the transport's highest demands. Any goods without weight or dimensions problems. We will always find the solution to your transport need. Door-to-Door Service is our speciality. Reduction in time and goods traceability is our main concern.

Maritime Transport:

Balearic Service:

Your goods at destination the next day.
Regular 24-hour service. From the ports of Valencia and Barcelona to the Balearic Islands and vice versa.
Parcels, lots, full containers, etc… Efficient service by selecting the most appropriate issue to have the goods at destination as short time as possible.

Canary Service:

Services / Canary Islands
LTL and FTL:
Weekly LCL goods issues of dry and reefer load from our local offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia by waterway to the main ports of the Canary Islands.
Loading of FCL from any port of the Iberian Peninsula.
We load with the main shipping companies, optimising time and costs. All kinds of equipment (platforms, containers, refrigerators, flats, etc.) available.
We deal with all kinds of loads. We adapt to your needs.
Return Service.

Consultancy and technical advice
Delivery systems.
Preparation of documents.
Canary taxes (I.G.I.C. / A.I.E.M.).
Customs clearance.

Bonded warehouse

We offer you our authorised warehouses: 
Temporary Deposit Warehouse (T.D.W.)

Customs Requirements

Inland Transport:

Direct Services from BARCELONA to ZARAGOZA - PAIS VASCO - NAVARRA - LEVANTE and MADRID with delivery times between 24 and 48 hours.
The rest of the PENINSULA combined from our local office in MADRID with delivery times between 72 and 96 hours.

Collection, transport and delivery of parcels, lots, FTLs, etc… at destination.
Efficient service of any goods without weight, size or volume problems, selecting the most appropriate means to have the goods at destination as short time as possible.